India’s Thakur Anoop Singh wins gold in Mr World 2015 Body Building Championship


It is time for Greek gods to move aside because one look at Thakur Anoop Singh will tell you just how discipline and dedication can sculpt the human body. A former pilot who was forced to ground himself after the 2008 global recession, Anoop won the gold medal in the recently held world bodybuilding meet in Bangkok.

While Indians are not usually known to have the physique to match their international counterparts in such competitions, Anoop not just matched but bettered the field of competition. At 6 feet, he finished first among 70 athletes from as many as 43 different countries taking part in the event.

While a fantastic achievement in itself, Anoop has touched several highs in the highly competitive world of bodybuilding. He finished third at the Mr Asia event recently. In Bangkok though, he managed the gold in the “fitness physique” category of the seventh WBPF World Bodybuilding and Physique Championships. That he had promised to win the medal before even leaving for Thailand shows just how confident he was in his preparation – one that requires unimaginable commitment.



Little wonder then that Anoop received a rousing reception upon his return. “I participated in the fitness physique category in which one has to have a 90 second routine. I am very glad that I got to go there and represent India. That is what matters the most,” he told reporters.

Anoop also mentioned that he has a few offers now from  Bollywood, apart from opportunities to act in Telegu and Marathi films. Acting on the big screen though may come as naturally to him as bodybuilding. After all, he did play the role of Dhritarashtra in Star Plus’ Mahabharata.

And while Dhritarashtra – a mythological character – had 100 sons, Anoop had a ‘family’ of several other Indian bodybuilders in Thailand. In fact, Anoop said Indians won as many as 11 medals in the competition.


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