Meet The New Internet Sensation, The HEARTBROKEN Cat In The World

Cats don’t always express emotions the way people do. They certainly feel emotions, but they have their own ways of letting us know how they’re feeling. Affection is pretty obvious, but they get jealous and can be in bad moods too – which a good scratch behind the ears can turn right around.

There’s at least one cat in the world showing an emotion that’s just not there, though. It’s as adorable as anything you’re likely to see in your life, and that’s why it’s breaking the Internet.

Maggie Liu’s cat Luhu has been called “the saddest cat in the world”.


Yes, he looks like he’s got all the worries of the world on his shoulders.


But he’s as comfortable as can be and wants for nothing.


After all, who could say no to that face?


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