Rolls-Royce Is Selling A Luxurious Bar-In-A-Box For Silly Price

“Someone will pay. Someone always pays.”
When it comes to money there are those who are rich, and then there are those who can afford to drop $46,328 on a portable bar kit. That’s the asking price for Rolls-Royce newest creation, a handmade cocktail hamper. “Hamper” is a fancy way for saying “bar in a box,” and indeed, this box does contain all the tools you need to make just about any type of drink out there. It takes eight weeks to make and features top-quality materials, just like the cars the automaker builds.

The wood is American walnut and the leather is used in some Rolls-Royce models. Luxury breeds exclusivity, and as such only 15 of these will be made. Despite its high price we expect all of these cocktail hampers to sell out. Imagine how nice life would be if you could throw your Rolls-Royce cocktail hamper into the back of your Dawn convertible and head out for a picnic.