WATCH: Diver looks like ant next to this giant Sunfish


Cape Town – This sunfish absolutely amazed these divers, to the extent that they the just hung around it for over 15 minutes. Divers ventured off the coast of Portugal and did not expect to witness such a monstrosity – the sunfish is in fact the heaviest known bony fish in the world.

According to National Geographic, the Sunfish or Mola, gets its bullet shape because its back fin does not grow. The fin folds into itself as the sunfish grows, creating what looks like a rounded rudder, a clavus. Mola is the Latin word for “millstone”, describing the fish’s colour, says National Geographic.

This big underwater dweller can grow up to 4.2 meters vertically and 3.1 meters horizontally. Its weight can top over 2 000 kilograms.

Looking for a sunfish?

They love tropical oceans and moderate seas, where they can bask in the sun near the surface, although they are often mistaken for sharks.  Strangely enough, the sunfish has fused teeth and is hardly able to close its mouth properly.

Sea me swim

The sunfish gets around with a wiggle and waggle in order to navigate their surrounds. Their favourite food is jelly fish. Although algae and some zooplankton go down well too. These harmless and curious guys love a good squizz at the odd human and water travellers every now and then. Bu sadly, the friendly sunfish falls victim to sea pollution and human waste.

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