What Happens If You Leave A Car In The City Center Of Cluj, Romania?

I wanted to create a collective art project using graffiti on a car and not be arrested.

Dacia Art Project was the answer. I wanted to help people be creative and express themselves in a place where you usually are not allowed.

I put a white car in the city center of Cluj-Napoca and left spray-cans, paint, brushes and markers for everyone to draw on the car. Hopefully, this will be a source of inspiration for some crazy and creative changes in how we do art.

In the beginning the car was white

Kids started coming

More kids

Then the adults got into it

„When I was a kid I had a Dacia (car), but I’ve never thought of this”

People were having fun and taking pictures

The next day we brought spray cans

And masks

The lonely artist

It started to look cool

And then the rain began

I left with a wicked car